Well first of all. Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Joshua Jesper Krægpøth Ryder and I am a 28 year old Quality Assurance engineer, Code enthusiast and now also a Blogger :) This first blog first will cover 2 basics:

  • The future of this blog.
  • Who am I.
The future of this blog.

I have for some time now been thinking about starting this blog. It seems to be a good time now while I am studying for Master in Software development. Sharing stuff I am currently learning and working on. I will also be writing about scalability, performance optimization and some design patterns. I will try my best to keep my blog posts code language independent. So whether you code Java, C# or Ruby the post will still be relevant to you. There might be some code examples along the way. The code language is not certain and might change from week to week.

Design Pattern

Who am I.

Stibo Systems

I work as Quality Assurance engineer at Stibo Systems in Denmark. Here I work with a range of interesting projects like Healthcare, Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and Security. I am using mainly Java at Stibo Systems, but also stuff like Oracle SQL, some perl scripts, C# and javascript.

eBay Before that I was an intern at eBay and wrote my Bachelor assignment at eBay. Mainly at eBay I worked with shared background services using C#, MSSQL and RabbitMQ. I also spend some time on one of their danish websites using C#, MVC, KnockoutJS and Typescript.


I have also worked several years at a danish software house called Novicell. Here i worked with a range of websites. Everything from huge Product Information Management System, to huge ecormerce websites, to big danish search engine for B2B customers.
At Novicell I have worked with a wide range of technologies. Like C#, ASP.NET, Entity framework, NHibernate, Subsonic,, MS SQL and more. This more or less covers most of my work-live experience ( Software development related ).

I started studying AP degree in Computer Science followed with a couple of years of work. Then i decided it was time to move and started study for Bachelor in Software Development in Århus. Spend some time working again and slow started feeling the urge for studying again. After some time had passed i started studying Masters in Software Development part-time.

Thank you for reading : )
Until next time, stay Swag.