I created this Cli / Terminal Podcast player, because I was looking for something nice and simply I could use while I was working on my hobby projects. Well it turned into an entire new hobby project. I made it as a Dotnet Core Global tool that can be installed on Windows machines by using the command be below in commandline / powershell.

dotnet tool install --global TopSwagCode.CLI.PodcastPlayer --version 1.0.3

Once installed, you can start it up in commandline/powershell by typing:



  • Arrowkeys.
  • Enter (Start / stop podcast).
  • Space (Pause/Unpause podcast).
  • F1, F2 (Volume control).
  • Mouse (Pick and start podcast(Bug in current version)).

Below here you can see a small preview of the project:


  • Opensource the project after cleanup of code.
  • CI/CD Github action pipeline.
  • Filter / Search for podcats.
  • Add other podcast feeds.
  • Add localstorage for storing progress of podcasts.
  • Add some kind of play queue.
  • Add more UI (Colume control, Progress bar, Podcast description).
  • User login / Cloud storage.