Okay, so it’s not actually a font, but a typeface. Operator is the name of this new typeface. It is designed by Andy Clymer, Senior Designer at Hoefler & Co. The company has made plenty of typefaces for big companies like Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and New York Times. Below we can see example of it.

Operator Waterfall

Operator is made as fixed-width, easy to read and easy to distinguish typeface. This is specially good for us developers when working with letters / number l1I (L One i). H&Co also states it might be good for technical PDF which has been printed in black and white or for the color blind developers out there.

I personally think this looks really awesome and even Swag enough to considering buying. But the whopping price of 200$ is kinda holding me back. Read more or buy it here.

So what do you think? Is it worth a buy? What font do you use? Share your 2 cents in the comments below or on facebook :) Remember stay Swag and see you next time!