Some of you might already have noticed the new link that has been added today. Some of you might have seen the facebook post. I have just released a beta version of Xpath selector game. You can find the game right Here:

Xpath Game

The idea behind is to learn people Xpaths or just reading up on them. Currently Stibo Systems are hiring several new QA engineers. Our QA engineers are required to work with Xpaths on a daily basis, when developing automated tests. So this weekend i developed this game to teach people Xpaths. It could be used as part of the recruitment process, just to see the basic knowledge of XML and Xpaths of the interviewee.

The next couple of weeks i will add new levels to the game. Am i missing some important Xpath? Anything ideas for improvements? Send me your ideas by mail, in comments here or on facebook :)

As always, stay Swag and see you next time.